Prayer List

Local Prayer Focus

Let us pray for all of the people who have been impacted by Hurricane Hermine. At least one person has been pronounced dead, and there has been a great deal of damage across Florida. Please pray for God’s comfort and renewal for all of those who may have suffered loss in the storm.

National Prayer Focus

Let us pray for the church to have a compassionate and selfless heart as we respond to the many tensions that pervade our country. Whether it be racial, political, or religious tension, may we be the lights of the world that show we love people unconditionally. May our words be slow to speak, and our hearts be quick to love.

Global Prayer Focus

The Syrian refugee crisis arguably the single greatest humanitarian crisis of the past decade. And while the response of our government can be debated and discussed, the response of the church is clear. We are to be a loving neighbor to these people, whether that means “going” to them, or “welcoming” them here. Syria is almost completely a Muslim dominated culture and contains over 18 unreached people groups. May the hope of God spread to these people, and may the church be the instrument through which God reaches these people for salvation.