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Welcome to the Crosswater Financial Fitness Ministry!

Our Mission: Equip all church members with knowledge, tools, and resources to manage their finances efficiently.

Our Vision: A congregation in strong Financial Health, generous and free of financial worry to focus on developing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

God needs people uninhibited by the stress that is associated with money or the perceived lack of it. People’s decisions around many issues including where they spend their time, talents, and treasures are often driven by their worry over money. Elimination of this stressor will enable people to worry less and hence apply time, talents, and treasures to serving God through Crosswater Church. This ministry will focus on teaching people of all ages money management concepts and equipping them with tools and resources that empower them toward managing their money most efficiently.

The Financial Fitness Ministry is designed to enrich the lives of all interested people. This ministry plans to host workshops, retreats, conferences, and seminars designed to equip and enrich the lives of families. Learn more about our ministry through regular newsletters and by leaving a message below.

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Free Tools

Please click the link to access financial planning tools available to you as a gift from Crosswater Church; just add your name and email address and do not change the passcode.

Visit Often For Updates On The Following Topics

  • How Money Works
  • Money and Marriage
  • How Money Works for Kids
  • Private Counseling/coaching resources
  • Special Topic Seminars

Join the Crosswater Facebook Financial Fitness Forum at this link for additional information and discussion on money management with other Crosswater members: (15) CW Financial Fitness Forum | Facebook


Amy and Luther Brown

Ryan and Kate Myers

Bob and Cammie Thomas


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