A Note From Pastor Jack


Dear Crosswater Family!

We have all been through some incredible times this last year. I can honestly say that God has been faithful and carried us through times we may have thought we could not have made it alone. The longer I live the more I am excited about the opportunity I have to leave a lasting Legacy to our next generation, and maybe beyond. I want my life to matter and to count for something.

We have seen God begin to build an incredible church family. I get concerned about the future when I see what is happening in the world around me. This next generation is going to need a church family who presents Jesus and teaches God’s word! I read many years ago that our world is only one generation away from losing Christianity. I do not want to see that happen!

We are in a unique position to help those who come behind us. We can position Crosswater to be there, lifting up Jesus to the generation that follows us. We can truly Launch that Legacy! We do not want to saddle them with our obligations. We want to arm them with our faith.

In the days ahead, you and I are going to be challenged to Launch that Legacy. We can help set the course for those who come behind us. My prayer is that they will find us faithful and be able to look back and say, “I am so thankful for those who made what we have possible. I think about the sacrifices so many people in my life made so that I could know the Lord and grow in my faith. I want to pass that same legacy on to those who follow.”

Please join me in praying about the role God wants you and I to play in Launching this Legacy.

Pastor Jack

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